3-4-3 Spinner Set w/ Rebar Spinner BracketZoom

3-4-3 Spinner Set w/ Rebar Spinner Bracket

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New Product being offered by BDS!

Order these awesome new spinner sets as part of our incredible Black Friday Sale. All orders that are part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will start Shipping Monday the 27th.

We designed this new bracket from the ground up to be the most durable, sturdiest, heavy duty yet cost effective bracket on the market. Brackets set up quickly and simply. Made of domestically sourced 1/4" Thick Mild steel, not cheap plastic.

This Set includes (2) 3" Spinners, (1) 4" Spinner and the rebar spinner frame brackets. All spinner styles may vary slightly, but all have sturdy DOM tubes welded to the back of them.

All targets are made from the same high quality domestically sourced AR500 as all of our other targets.

All you need is 1/2" or #4 rebar. We like both 2' and 4' lengths depending on terrain and height required. When selecting your rebar make sure at least (1) piece has a nice clean end. The DOM tube fits nicely with clean squarely cut ends. If the rebar has deformed ends the tube may not slip over it.

Shipping is INCLUDED!
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