50% IPSC Reactive

50% IPSC Reactive
Item# 50 IPSC Reactive
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Product Description

The 50% IPSC Reactive Target features an AR500 Target that bolts directly to our laser cut AR400 Base. The base deflects fragmentation and the toughness of the steel greatly increases the overall strength of the system. The target system also features an AR500 deflector in the front of the target that helps protect the bolts and base from direct strikes. The target includes all the necessary hardware, adjustable spring and even stakes.


Ground Reactive Elevators
Sometimes good ideas just happen, Ground Reactive Elevators...In talking with a match director this idea developed for an inexpensive solution to getting our ground reactive targets above grass and mirage. These can be added to any of our ground reactive targets. We combined our existing AR400 reactive legs with our spinner frames. The results speak for themselves, completely unique and extremely effective. You can use almost any length rebar, or simply use the elevator to add approx. 6" to the height of the ground reactive. Pictured here we used 4' long, 1/2" diameter rebar. The reinforcing bar legs simply slip into the base. Gravity does most of the work, but they are extremely stable. We ship you the brackets and hardware, you supply the 1/2" rebar.

Price includes shipping when purchased with any of our ground reactive targets.

Ground Reactive Elevator