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BDS PRS Prep Class

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The precision rifle series events I host are a great place to learn, but not necessarily a great place to be coached.

We are pleased to offer an intro to PRS style events class. The course would take place at my home. We have a nice shop there that will make an excellent classroom. We also have 550 yards across the street with a back stop and every kind of target imaginable. We test our prototype targets for Big Dog Steel. It is also my "home base" practice area. I have a ton of different barricades set up there. Shooters will be emailed address/location details after sign up. (Please keep this info confidential)

What you need:

-Rifle and shooter should be capable of 1moa

-Shooter should plan to bring at least 100-120 rounds per day

-Plan to bring cleaning equipment that you would normally use

-Rear bag


-Pens, paper, a databook is a great idea

(I will have a large assortment of bags for you to utilize for positional training)

The course would cover:

Day 1

-Setting up your rifle optics and selecting gear

-understanding mil and moa, first and second focal plane optics

-Intro to ammunition & reloading, what to focus on

-zero'ing your rifle, setting zero stops and establishing a solid zero

-precision training, 100 yard drills, establishing hasty prone positions, trigger control, follow through, free recoil vs loading the platform, spotting, cheek weld, etc.

-Data gathering, chrono and truing data at different yardages

-cleaning and rifle maintenance

Day 2

-Cleaning rifle, zero check

-Barricade basics, review of different barricades

-Barricade work on a multitude of different barricades

-Sling work

-Putting it all together, match preparedness, packing for success

-Mini Match


Course fee - $295

Course space will be limited

Course Date - October 6th & 7th (Lunch and refreshments will be provided)

Nearby Hotels:

Holiday Inn Express - 1510 Saturn Dr. Wapakoneta, OH 45895

Quality Inn - 1410 Commerce Dr. St. Mary's, OH 45885

Best Western - 2020 Holiday Dr. Celina, OH 45822
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