Big Dog Target Stand

Big Dog Target Stand
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Big Dog Target Stands: 

Product Description

Big Dog Target Stands are the correct width for IPSC/IDPA Cardboard targets. Built heavier and stronger than any other target stand we've seen in its price range. Easily tighten the included thumb screws down on your 1x2 furring strips for a rock solid adjustable set up. Drain holes come standard on the inside of the tubes so water won't freeze your furring strips in place. Stake our stand down with the included heavy duty stakes. We heat, bend and quench the stakes right here in our shop, for added strength. (Not some cheap Chinese stakes like other companies use)

The support leg folds in for easy storage and deploys quickly for fast set up. Nice wide 20 x 24 footprint. We use a grade 8 bolt, washer, and nylock nut on the hinge for durability.

Stack better, deploy faster, built stronger and made to last. Get the best target holder on the market from us!


Extra set of stakes
Purchase an extra set of (4) stakes. Great for camping.

Just $6 when purchased with a stand.