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Coyote Hunting Sign

Item# BDS_CoySign
$60.00, 2/$100.00
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I don't know about you, but it seems like every other time I go out and hunt Coyotes at night I get a visit from a sheriff or concerned citizen who sees a truck by the side of the road and feels compelled to interrupt my hunt.

So to combat this Big Dog Steel came up with a simple sign. It comes with a super hi-viz reflector, stake and hardware. Everything is sized to fit in a large flat rate box and should be able to be shipped anywhere in the CONUS for the same price. The hardware features a pair of carriage bolts which fit snugly into the sign face and a set of extra wide thumb screws. No tools needed to set it up or tear it down in the field. The sign and stake are 11ga steel and should be plenty strong for what it is designed for.

Sign is Approx. - 21.5"Wide x 13.5"Tall. Stake is Approx. 18" Tall


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