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Hostage Target

Item# BDS_Hostage
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
The BDS Hostage Target is here. We've looked at everything else on the market and always found hostage targets to have a weak point somewhere in the design. Whether it was the hostage resting on the target face (which gives you a false indication of a hit), weak hinges, or simply welding a mechanism to the AR500 target... there is almost always a flaw.

We've designed an absolutely bomb proof hostage target from the ground up that is like nothing else on the market. The hostage taker rests inches behind the hostage target with the necessary clearance to let each target react completely independent from one another. The hostage mount is made of 1/2" thick AR500 and heavy DOM tube. There's nothing that can or will break. The hostage target can be swapped out with a custom design in seconds, but not only can the hostage target be swapped out, you can also swap in a full size IPSC or other custom shape instead of the humanoid target, without tools. The entire target easily assembles in the field in a flash, and again without tools.

These come standard with a "T" Post mount, but can be custom made to fit 2x4 or 4x4 wood posts at no additional charge. Just let us know when you order.

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