- Econo-Line Targets

- Econo-Line Targets
Big Dog Steel is proud to announce our new "Econo-Line of Targets".

The new line of targets will allow us to still produce an extremely high quality product and beat just about anyone's prices. The new product line will be limited to fewer targets than our full line of waterjet cut targets. We are producing 12", 10", 8", 6" & 4" circles, as well as 45%, 50% & now 66% IPSC targets. The new line of targets will all be HD plasma cut from Premium 3/8" thick AR500 on a water table to greatly reduce the amount of heat transferred to the steel. The ultra precise HD plasma cutting on our water table should offer a smaller heat affected zone, or HAZ, than straight air to air plasma and flame cutting and is very comparable to laser quality cuts.

The econo-line of targets will not come painted. However, we are making the IPSC hole locations the same as our other targets. The IPSC targets will be able to be mounted on our standard brackets and stands. Circles can be hung with chain from our new Spinner Frames.

Shipping is included in the listed price!
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