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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
Plate racks are made to take years of abuse. Targets are resettable with a simple pull of the rope. Our new reset mechanism lets you pull targets with minimum effort. Plate racks are constructed almost completely out of tough AR500. In fact, everything on our plate racks except the angles and round tube is made of the same high quality American milled AR500 as our targets. The front shield, hinges, lift arms, leg brackets, leg supports and even the pivot arms that our braided steel cable attaches to is AR500. Legs are constructed of heavy duty 1/4" Thick angle and simply slip in place for easy transport and replacement. Our lifting arm features a heavy duty rubberized wrap to soften plate knock down and protect the tube.

Targets are easily swapped out without tools! The lift bar is held in place with (2) heavy stainless steel pins. Pull the cotter pins hidden behind the AR500 front protector plate, slip out the pins and the lift arm pivots out of place. This will allow the targets to fall below the level they would be held at with the lift arm in place. A slot is cut in one of the AR500 hinges that will now allow the target to simply rock out of the hinge. The angle of the slot is below the normal lift arm position, under normal operation the targets never come in contact with the slot. All aspects of the hinges were engineered to allow full range of motion, but not allow the target to fall into the slot, until the lift arm is removed. Standard target spacing is 12" o.c., custom spacing available upon request.

All targets feature grade 8 hardware to adjust the angle of the targets. We ship our plate racks with a heavy duty braided and coated steel cable. No flimsy rope or strap that frays at the first sign of bullet spall. Simply tie any rope or paracord through our supplied loop and you are ready to shoot.

We believe we offer the toughest, most feature rich plate rack on the market, and we do it at a competitive price. Compare ours to theirs and see the differences for yourself.

Plate racks are typically built to order. Lead times typically run 10-14 days.
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