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Prometheus Wind Professor

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Big Dog steel is happy to finally unveil the "Prometheus Wind Professor".

Brand Cole the inventor/designer/builder behind the Prometheus Powder Measure approached us with an idea for a very unique target. He wanted a target that could be used to practice wind calls at distance.

The target has 11 individual spinners each composed of heavy duty 1/2" Thick AR500 welded to heavy DOM tube. Each spinner measures .1 mil wide @ 500 yards.

The wind professor helps the user hone their skill at wind reading. Pick a target to shoot at and quickly get positive feedback. You will know if your call was good or will know by exactly how many 1/10 mils you were off on your call.

Spinners will spin with as little as a .223 but were built stout to handle everything you can throw at it, up to magnum calibers.

Great for hours of fun...challenge your friends and make it into a competition!

The included spinner frames allows the insertion of 4' long pieces of 1/2" thick rebar for the legs. The rebar sections do not come with the target to save on shipping costs, and may be purchased at almost any hardware store.
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