These are great targets.. I was smacking the snot out of them this past weekend. I can assure you that 175SMK/2725fps @ 100 yards doesnt even phase them. -flounderv2

6.5x284Win Mag at 100 yards wont do diddly to them... -John

Shot this Target Sunday not a mark, and a few rounds hit right on the edge and had no effect on the steel. Thanx OSU, a great product... -Monte

Got my 4 pc. set 2 days ago and was susprised when my custom size plate showed up today ! WOW.....talk about fast ! Only two days between what is in stock and having to get something cut and ready to ship. Osuarchitect you are definitely GTG. -Frank C.

Wow, Got mine today Very nice stuff!!!! -Bill S.

Got mine today and a BIG +1 for osuarchitect(Big Dog Steel) and his steel products - absolutely outstanding you will NOT - I repeat NOT be disappoointed! Thanks - juniorARshooter

fast shipping, well packaged, super nice plate set. already painted , ready to make music with ! love it, thank you sir -banshee sws

Ordered a set of these a few weeks back and received them quickly. I had my first opportunity to shoot at them today. Great product. Thanks Ryan! -Chawk

Bump for a set of great targets - mine arrived today - just like the picture - painted, even the orange dot; included mounting bolts. Thanks again! -Springer222

FYi, I have hit these plates at 100 yards with 223, 243, 308, and even 6.5x284 and have done nothing better than a little mark that you can maybe feel if you rub your finger over it! Thats it. At 300 and out, no marks at all, just gray poofs of lead. - Mudcat-NC

+1 I have shot them @ 300 yards with 300wsm & 308 nothing but "POOF"! - Rick

Bump for a nice product.... I have been shooting the piss out of my plates from osuarchitect(Big Dog Steel) and the only thing I have chipped is paint........ -Chpprguy

just received a 45% IPSC from osuarchitect, very nicely built and designed, I will definitely be ordering more. -Kirk R

I bought some of Ryans(Big Dog Steel) 3/8" full size ipsc targets and shot them with a 338edge with 300mk. at any reasonable distance, only the paint is chipped. no dents, dings, or any other damage. these are truly lifetime targets. bump for a good guy. - Chuck