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Metal Fence "T" Post Bracket

Metal Fence "T" Post Bracket
Item# T_Post
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
These solid, fully welded brackets will work on any standard "T" post. We created a solid bracket that prevents the target from turning on the post. It also allows the target to pivot vertically when shot like our normal 4x4 post brackets. We also designed this so that we wouldn't have to weld to the target. This means not only longer target life, but you can flip the target over and shoot the other side, further extending the target life.

The Metal "T" Post Brackets fit all of our IPSC style targets including the 45%, 50%, 66%, 80% and 100% full size targets. Square targets will not mount to this bracket. However, 12" & 8" Squares can be cut with custom hole patterns to accept a "T" Post bracket at your request at no additional charge.

Grade 8 Mounting Hardware is included when a target and bracket are purchased together.

(Bracket shown with our optional 45% IPSC for Reference)
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